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Best Compound Bow

A quick look at the compound bow for archery

There are many types of archery bows in the market that you can find for archery. One type of archery bow is compound archery bow. Compound bow is one of the popular types of archery bow amongst the players. If you want to know more about compound bow, then you came to the right place to look for the information regarding the compound bow. This article will take a quick look at the compound bow for archery for you.

A quick look at the compound bow for archery:

‱ Compound bow is a type of popular archery bow that requires limbs and pulley attached to it to function. This use of using limbs and pulley to make a movement is known as the levering system.

‱ There are many advantages of using the compound bow for archery. First of all, the compound bow limbs are stiffer and are rigid in nature than other types of the archery bows that are available in the market. The use of the system of pulley on the compound bow provides the wielder a greater advantage mechanically in the game of archery. Also this system of pulley offers the user a benefit that is termed as let-off. These pulleys of the compound bow are eccentric in shape instead of being round. Their radius changes when they are rotated, when the strings of the compound bow are pulled back. There are two cams featured with the compound bow pulley. The inner cam track of the pulley connects to the limbs of the compound bow mechanically and the outer cam track of the pulley has the bow string running through it.

‱ Compound bow for archery was first created by Holless Wilbur Allen, who is from Missouri, in the year of 1966. The patent for this compound bow was first provided in the year of 1969. The previous term for compound bow that was used was composite bow; however this term is no more used as the term compound bow took over.

‱ There are stabilizers, limbs, sight and also quivers are mounted on the compound bow. The central mount with these parts is also known as the riser and this riser is made up of many different metals and alloys such as the magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy or even of carbon fiber. And the risers are also designed to be rigid in nature to provide maximum advantage to the compound bow and its user. While the limbs of the compound bow are made up of the composite materials which are capable of taking tensile strength and also compressive forces. These limbs are designed to store as much energy as possible and no energy is saved in the pulley or the cables.

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